Oldie, but Goldie

What exactly is this? After some research I found out that it must be a Riesling OR Scheurebe Kabinett from the single vineyard “Kreuznacher Hofgarten”.

32 years “old”, but another example of how indestructible german whites are! The label is a bit battered, but the wine definitely isn’t.

This Kabinett shows a lovely bouquet full of honey, wet earth, smoke, peach and a hint of petrol.Balanced, silky and elegant on the palate. Excuse me, what’s your age again? Peach, citrus fruit and again lots of honey. Persistent and lively finish, which gets pushed by a still refreshing amount of acidity.

Sooo goooood. I’m a bit speechless as I did not expect this at all!

More Tasting Notes about aged german whites will follow. #Stay tuned


Bouquet: 2,5/3

Palate: 6/7

Finish: 2,5/3

Overall harmony: 6/7

Rating: 17/20 – Outstanding

Drink: NOW or NEVER!